About Auctions

Auction? The word itself can generate a multitude of ideas in our minds. Some of us may have grown up around auctions and loved hearing the rhythmic sound of the auctioneer’s chant. Another’s auction experiences may be limited to what we have seen and heard on television and through the media. Regardless of our experiences, we can all agree that the auction business is an interesting and unique industry.

So why choose the auction method? Because auctions work! An auction is a winning method for the buyer and seller alike.

  1. Fast turnaround – assets can be liquidated within 60 days or less.
  2. Competitive bidding encourages fair market prices.
  3. Maximum exposure – properties are marketed with an intensity unlike other methods because the sale date is set and the clock is ticking.
  4. Excitement – the process itself creates a fun and energetic atmosphere which is essential in maximizing each property value.
  5. Auctions recognize that your time is valuable and provide an immediate ensemble of QUALIFIED buyers.

An auction is a highly efficient and expeditious way to sell any type of personal property or real estate. The terms are straightforward and competitive bidding generates market value.

What are some of the benefits?