AANC Mission Statement:

"To provide education and communication for the auctioneer and the public in order to promote the auction method of marketing"

Eagle Scout from Mount Airy, NC takes Auctioneer Throne

You hear the story every once and a while.  Boy becomes Scout, Scout becomes and Eagle Scout, Eagle Scout does great things.  Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, and Sam Wal started Walmart.  On July 14, 2017 will go in the books as a date that another Superman as born. 

Starting in the Auction industry 10 years ago, Dustin Rogers claimed the title of IAC Champion during the International Auctioneer Championship (IAC), held at the 2017 National Auctioneer Association’s Annual Conference & Show in Columbus, Ohio.

Being no small feat, since the competition was fierce, with 100 of the world’s top men and women competing for the title, Dustin had to rely on his honed skills and his world wide travels in the auction field to get him to the top.

In addition to being interviewed by the judges, the IAC competitors are judged on their presentation, chant, voice timbre, body language, and other performance elements of effective auctioneering.  Additionally, the competitor’s interactions with the crowd and their positive personality in representation of the industry gives them points to edge to the top of the scores.

The finalists competed in front of a thousand of their peers both in person and around the world via the Internet.

Seven judges made up of past champions and industry professionals brought back the top men and top women, who compete until there only three contestants left standing.

Rogers resides in Mount Airy with his wife, Britni, and their two children. He works as an auctioneer at Rogers Realty & Auction Co. and also travels abroad as a contract auctioneer for several companies selling construction equipment, real estate, fundraisers, livestock and more.

This week’s contest, Rogers had competed in the IAC every year from 2009 through 2012, made the finals every year except 2009 and placed in the top 3 in 2011 and 2012. Rogers is a past North Carolina Rookie and State Champion Auctioneer, an event hosted by the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina.