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North Carolina Auctioneers - The Coast Needs us.

From Member Jeff Weinberg, Wilmington, NC -

Our city was practically destroyed by the eyewall of Florence. What followed was 40 inches of rain due to the storm stalling close by which has flooded every access in and out of the city. There's no power, no food, no fuel, and our public utility has sent an urgent message that their generators will run out of fuel in two days, cutting off the supply of water and sewer services.

My only communication with those who stayed is by text and social media. There were tens of thousands who fled and I'm one of them. Like most, I located supplies but can't get back or even close to the city. I have only received photos of our gallery which is marooned in floodwaters and the roof appears damaged. My home has a tree through it. That's all I know. No idea how long it will take to get home or what I'll find when I get there. All I know is that it's a disaster beyond comprehension and I've been through at least 10 hurricanes. None were ever this bad. Not even close.

Never in my life have I been one to ask for anything... I'm still not, but our city and surrounding areas need help. Auctioneers know people.

People are going to need rescuing and supplies. Even a donation to a humanitarian organization... Anything.

I'll recover, but a lot of people may not.


We need all Auctioneers & Brokers to donate some funding to the Hurricane Recovery Fund with the American Red Cross.  Or if we can get several Auction Trailers loaded up with supplies to get down there to a distribution center.   My little 5x8 won't carry much - but it's available.  Let's support our Sellers, Buyers and our brothers and sisters in the industry!